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Thank you for taking the time to consider our services. I am here as your advice-only financial planner and guide. I’d love the opportunity to meet you and chat.

I put all this together for you, I facilitate the group meetings for community members, and I'm the planner you talk to when you need one-on-one support.


Planning means that I support you in becoming the best you can be. Encouraging you to close the gap between performance and potential. Please do take on board the Starter Pack challenge. You've nothing to lose. The sooner you take control of your financial future, the better.


It would help if you felt comfortable when we spoke, so I don't mind taking the time for an informal initial conversation. Feel free to book a discovery hour; we will meet you halfway on price with a 50% discount on our hourly rate. We charge to get commitment to the meeting from our clients. We want you to be as committed to change as we are.


Alternatively, just send me an email.


Happy Navigating!


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Our Awards

Advice-only Financial Planner is a trading style of the Academy of Life Planning.

  • Best Financial Adviser Support Network 2022 & Award for Outstanding Contribution to Finance 2022 - UK, Lawyer International’s – Legal 100 – 2022 – Awards.
  • Best Financial Adviser Support Network 2022 & Award for Outstanding Contribution to Finance 2022 - UK, Corporate America Today. 
  • Best Financial Adviser Support Network 2022 & Award for Outstanding Contribution to Finance 2022 - UK, Global 100 consisting of only 100 of the World’s leading firms and individuals, with votes received from our global readers of EMG Publishing in over 163 countries worldwide. 
  • Most Pioneering Financial Planner Network Winner at the Acquisition International Worldwide Finance awards 2022.
  • Financial Adviser Support Network of the Year Winner 2022, at Corporate Live Wire Innovation & Excellence, awards 2022.
  • Three-time Best Financial Adviser Support Network winner in 2022, 2021 and 2020 at SME news Finance Awards.
  • Three-time winner of an Award For Outstanding Contribution To Finance in 2022, 2021 & 2020 at SME news Finance Awards.

For more details on the Academy of Life Planning visit our parent site.


Best Use Of Technology

We are delighted to announce that HapNav has been shortlisted as The Investment Life & Pensions Moneyfacts Awards 2022 finalist in Best Use of Technology in the Investment Life & Pensions Sector.


HapNav - The Happiness Navigator! - is the world’s first customer-directed Open banking-powered financial planning application. It is available exclusively through the Academy of Life Planning.

Why is HapNav different? It's the first time people can do their own financial planning without needing a financial adviser, with an automatic link to their bank account. Whoever you bank with, it's the first time groups of people can plan. For example, DIY financial planning is an employee benefit for DIY investors. It is a remarkable piece of technology.


Available on a FREE 30-day trial. After that just £6.99 / month. Visit

Our Approach

“Financial advice, like any other, can be good, bad, or indifferent. But armed with the right facts and some basic techniques, you can be your own financial adviser.” By Jonquil Lowe, author of Be your own financial adviser (“Which?” Guides).


We show you how to clarify your needs and create a plan to meet them; we think better than a personal financial adviser would do for you as we eliminate product bias.


By product bias, we don’t just mean one product over another, depending on the fees you pay. We also mean whether a product should be used at all!


We take the lid off a self-serving financial services industry.


We demystify all financial products for you and even tell you when you don’t need a product. We call it general advice.


Armed with your “Which?” Money subscription - and the book “How to Fund the Life You Want: What everyone needs to know about savings, pensions and investments” by Robin Powell and Jonathan Hollow – you have all you need right here to be your own financial adviser.


We’re not personal financial advisers – because we want you to be.


We are experts and experienced. We are also impartial. We are experts on hand to coach and support you to do it yourself – we are not here to do it for you.


Our Initial Assumption Is Most Of The Time; You Should Do Things For Yourself With The Right Support.


Make all of your own financial decisions with confidence. Make more money and save more of the money you made by not having to pay ridiculous “adviser charges” to unnecessary middle people.


Advice-only Financial Planner is also an essential service for all school leavers before they fall prey to fee-loaded products for the rest of their lives!

Avoid years of paying high fees for mediocre advice and returns on investments.


Feel a lot more confident running your own show. We provide good, practical, impartial advice you know you can trust.

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