Take Control Of Your Finances From £6.99/ Month
Take Control Of Your Finances From £6.99/ Month

How To Live Longer Better Without Running Out Of Cash

Our Mission Is To Make Available Advice-only Financial Planning At A Modest Cost To Everyone.


Our two step system stops you from worrying about money and helps you achieve your personal development goals.


Download your FREE starter pack to map out your future lifetime liabilities. Stand & Deliver! Your money & your life workbook set.



Register for your FREE 30-day trial of HapNav - our end-user lifetime cash flow modelling app, with open banking inside.


Do Things For Yourself With The Right Support

Take Control Of Your Finances With Our FREE Starter Pack!

You need a financial plan so you don't outlive your money. At Advice-only Financial Planner, our initial assumption is that you could build your own financial plan with the right support.


Download your free starter pack.

Here, You Are The Planner, We Are Your Support Team.

The book and personal coach are optional, to keep costs low and get you started right away. Begin with DIY Set Up; community and coaching can come later. Dial-up and down support as needed.


The good news is, we don't sell products!

Where's The Best Place To Find A Helping Hand You Can Trust?

The best place to find a helping hand you can trust is at the end of your arm. Learn to run your own money and make your own financial plans. Take complete control of your financial life.


Learn an essential skill for life. Self-service financial planning and investing, supported by independent professionals, in our community and one-to-one, as and when you need us.


We also provide general advice on financial areas not usually advised on by investment advisers, such as financial planning, wealth transfer, trust services, estate planning, tax planning, non-liquid asset management, long-term care insurance, loan and credit management, life insurance, education financing, business succession planning, real estate advice, banking services, property and casualty insurance, health insurance. See our case studies.


You can self-educate on every aspect of personal finance and financial planning and save yourself thousands in adviser charges.


The vast majority of the general public can do a superb job managing investments and making financial plans, with the right support.


Have the courage to live your life true to yourself and not as others expect of you. Make your own plans. Run your own money. We will show you how. The Download Starter Pack is FREE when you register for our mailing list.


"Live longer better, the elixir of life is knowledge." - Sir Muir Gray

Your advice-only financial planner is your personal concierge; your personal financial bodyguard, protecting you from conflicts of interest.

What Is Advice-only?

What is Advice-only Financial Planning? 


Why Choose Us?

Find out more about us and our awards.


Are you


...looking for reassurance that you won't run out of money?

...turning your attention to personal growth and development?
...looking for ways to live longer and better?

...wanting to avoid the highway robbers?

Take control of your finances. Pay a fair price for professional support as and when you need it. An accessible option that makes sense.


No matter where you are on your life journey, you will benefit from designing your own favourite future on a solid financial foundation. Our expertise and experience will help you turn potential problems into opportunities. Advice-only financial planning can help you in every area of life. Find out more about advice-only financial planning. Download your starter pack today.



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